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Matcha Clay Powder

Matcha Clay Powder

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An all-in-one deep pore cleansing mask that can be used as an exfoliating facial scrub packed with natural antioxidants

Available Sizes:

Standard size: 115 g / 4 oz - $34.99
Mini size: 25 g / 0.88 oz - $12.99




Calamine, Organic Aloe Vera, Buttermilk and Sea Plankton to let you create freshly mixed DIY skincare recipes for face and body. Includes USA-sourced Buttermilk to gently exfoliate skin with naturally occurring lactic acid and advanced probiotics to help soothe and nourish skin.

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The natural pink goodness of the mask comes from Pink Calamine - a calming ingredient that is known to help soothe the skin that is prone to redness and irritation while also helping to even-tone skin complexion. Combined with the power of potent natural ingredients including Sea Plankton + Organic Aloe Vera. The natural occurring Polysaccharides, Vitamins B12 + C + Essential Amino Acids give that ultimate dewiness for an everlasting glow.

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Customer Reviews

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Great value, pleasantly surprised

Great value, pleasantly surprised

Sara Schuh
Love it

Great mask, just added water, it feels so natural and nourishing and firms all in one. It's definitely a great wake up mask for the morning before work or a great Sunday chillin in the house beauty day, perks your skin right up for a glowing week ahead:) when I do this again next week I am going to use half of the amount and half of the water to make it last longer, I had way more than what I needed with the suggested amount. Get this you will love it!

Mary Nicholson
It tingles!

I mixed with water, lavender oil, and avocado oil. Left on until dry. It tingles while on and after I washed my face it was a little red. Skin was soft. Overall, I liked this product.

Cliente de Amazon


Matcha Mask works great!

I gave this a five because it’s been the best mask I have used. It’s been frustrating for me to get the right amount of the mask mixed without using too much. It indicates 2 T of the Match Mask and 2 T of water. I had to use less water because it was way to runny. I have used so much up by experiencing with the thickness I wanted and have to already buy another one. It’s worth it because it’s a great mask and cleaner. I just need to be more careful with getting the right amount.

Take Control Of Your Skincare

The best feeling is making something homemade, and knowing exactly what goes into it.
With 23 SKIN All-In One DIY Skincare, you control what you add to your skincare.
Simple ingredients that are not diluted. No fragrance, color or preservatives added