"23Skin Matcha Clay Powder is Pure & Simple!

I have used this product several times. I use some boiled water that's cooled to room temperature and I only use a little bit. The product is pure and has only ingredients that I need. Nothing I'm allergic or sensitive and I love that! Clears up texture and roughness, calms and soothes the skin too.


"Soothing & Nourishing…

23Skin Seaweed Powder is great for nourishing sun damaged skin. Refreshing & soothing. A mini spa treatment at home.


"Great Mask…

Great product! U feel how pure and REAL the ingredients are as soon as u brush onto face. This was unlike other clay masks which can feel stripping and drying- this one is defs nourishing! I only mixed it with water, cant wait to use with all the suggestions listed on the ebook!

—Lillianne M

"One of My Favorite Masks…

23Skin Matcha Clay Mask is probably one of my favorite masks for a little TLC on acne-prone skin! have been using this for two months lately and can't wait to repurchase!